• Homeowners Association

  • Today millions of individual homeowners’ associations exist across the United States to ensure that these neighborhoods remain a pleasant and welcoming place to call home. The property managers at OneTouch Property Management have had more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry and have seen all kinds of HOAs: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We know what a good homeowners’ association looks like, what it can accomplish, and how it can benefit each individual owner while also contributing to the community.

    When you come to OneTouch Property Management for help with your South Florida homeowners’ association, you won’t be given a cookie-cutter plan that every other neighborhood association also uses. Our team works closely with landlords and regional homeowners to create a framework for each community’s association or to amend an existing association because we believe that each community deserves a homeowners’ association that is just as vibrant and unique as each individual homeowner.

    Which services can we provide for your homeowners’ associations? Here are some of the essentials you’ll get with OneTouch Property Management

  • Accounting Services

    • Payment Management: OneTouch Property Management will ensure that payments and dues are accounted for on a regular basis. We can collect all assessments due to the association and deposit monies into association accounts. We will also receive, review, and submit payments of all invoices, utilities, and contractual services, including electronic payment data. If needed, we can also prepare checks for the association’s officers to sign.

    • Financial Reporting: With OneTouch Property Management handling the accounts for your homeowners’ association, you won’t have to worry about budgeting and reporting. We can prepare monthly financial reports that will reflect the general ledger, monthly balance, check register, and budget, in addition to displaying actual vs. budgeted income and expenses on a monthly and year-to-date basis. Annual budgets can also be prepared for association review, adjustment, and approval.

    • Compliance: We also help maintain the integrity of financial records for the association’s CPA year-end report and tax returns, so you won’t need to fear a costly audit by the IRS. Finally, we’ll assist in filing the annual corporate Uniform Business Report with the Florida Secretary of State to ensure that your property complies with state regulations.

    • Delinquency and Foreclosure Services: Unfortunately, it can be easy for tenants to fall behind on payments, for a variety of reasons. When this happens, OneTouch Property Management will take care of any delinquent accounts in the association, so you don’t have to. We send collection letters to any delinquent accounts and post late fees, and if necessary, we can also prepare and submit delinquent accounts to the association attorney. We can also monitor and supervise the progress of lien and foreclosure attorney action, so you’ll know we’re on top of your property’s status at all times.

  • Management Services

    • Meetings: If you own residential property but don’t want the hassle of running a homeowners’ association yourself, OneTouch Property Management has you covered. We will attend board meetings and the annual members meeting for you and take and prepare minutes for the secretary. In addition to preparing and distributing all notices, proxies, and ballots required for those meetings, we can also email the Board of Directors with the necessary meeting packages, which include the agenda, minutes, financial reports, and proposals.

    • Record Keeping: Keeping records for a homeowners’ association is about a lot more than taking minutes at meetings. OneTouch Property Management will maintain association records along with a renter and lease database to manage renewals of leases and approvals.

    • Assistance: We can help you supervise the sale process however you see fit, and we can even provide assistance for homeowners who have business with the association. We will also liaise with the association’s attorney, CPA, insurance agent and other professionals for you as needed.

    • Enforcement: Homeowners’ association policies require strict enforcement to ensure that homeowners comply with a neighborhood’s rules. To help this process go smoothly, OneTouch Property Management will act to enforce the association’s governing documents and issue violation notices to residents. We will also work with a fining committee and attend mediation hearings when necessary.

  • Self­-Managed Association Services

    • Associations that work with OneTouch Property Management can be as close or distant to our management team as they want. Whether you need management services on a part-time basis or want to manage your HOA on your own, you’ll still have access to the resources that our other clients take advantage of -- and you can save some money. Virtual office space, free copies, complimentary office supplies, and other benefits are all available when you choose OneTouch Property Management. Talk to us about developing a custom HOA management plan today.



    For more information about the services we’ve provided to homeowners’ associations in the past, or for an overview regarding the services provided by our real estate and property management experts, please don’t hesitate to contact OneTouch Property Management. Your small community is already essential to Southern Florida. With just a little bit of help from the experts at OneTouch Property Management, you’ll see how individual homeowners and small neighborhoods can have a positive and meaningful impact on the region for years to come.