• Tenants

  • Welcome to the Tenants Portal at OneTouch Property Management!

    Below you’ll find a list of services provided by OneTouch Property Management. We only use the most advanced digital technology to make sure that every application, request, and payment is made securely and without delay. All of our services have been optimized for tenants and owners alike, with a strong focus on digital security and convenience.


  • Online Tenant Portal Services:

    • Look at properties that are available to rent
    • Submit your rental application online, and upload personal documents (like identification and proof of employment) through the most secure digital platform available
    • Sign your lease electronically, and access digital copies of your accepted lease agreement at any time (portal allows digital copies to be printed by tenants 24/7)
    • Make a rent payment
    • Submit a maintenance request or work order instantly


  • Mobile-Friendly Services:

    We know that you lead a busy life, and you don’t always have time to sit around at a computer and wait for rent payments to upload, or to try having a conversation with an automated machine when you need an appliance fixed. OneTouch Property Management proudly makes use of mobile-optimized service requests and tenant portals, so you can access whatever you need, whenever you need it, no matter where you are!


  • Flexible Payment Options:

    When the property management team at OneTouch tried to think of a reason not to offer online application and rental payments, we simply couldn’t think of anything! We offer three flexible ways to pay online (electronic checks, credit card, and electronic cash payments) and we give tenants the ability to pay their rent once, set up a recurring payment schedule, and pay their bills at the last minute. Not only do our online payment forms ensure that each payment is processed quickly and is recorded for safekeeping, but it also allows us at OneTouch to cut down on our paper waste and to stay as organized as possible.