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OneTouch is hands-on with the daily operations of all properties, giving top priority to providing partners with up-to-the-minute information through financial reports and personal communication.

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SERVICESTenant Services & Tenant Relations

Tenant satisfaction is an important part of the transition process and OneTouch understands that the end result is tenant retention. We achieve this by instilling a high level of confidence in the tenants, ensuring them that management will address their current and future needs in a timely and professional manner. Tenant comfort and satisfaction begins before the tenant moves in.

Ongoing tenant relations and customer satisfaction is maintained through a continuous program including responsive work order procedures, proactive management and special activities and events. Our program is designed to build tenant loyalty.
  • Administration & Contracts
  • Systems & Reporting
  • Construction Management
  • Lease Administration
    From the point of lease execution, all leases are entered into the accounting (MRI) software system. Additionally, leases are scanned into the server to provide all appropriate personnel with immediate access to lease documents and other vital lease information.
  • Contract bidding and Evaluation of Existing Vendor Performance
    All existing service and vendor contracts are reviewed to determine the quality, economic value and cost effectiveness to the property. Modifications to existing procedures or services are made when necessary, or the service is placed out for bids. The goal of this process will be to maximize the quality of services available to the building while holding or reducing operating costs. Contract service companies provide competitively priced, top quality services on a high priority basis for all properties.
  • Non-Financial Reporting and Formal Client Communications
    OneTouch Management Services has numerous reporting methods and we have the ability to customize a budget and reporting system to meet an owner’s needs. Typically, we prepare monthly management reports that include period and year-to-date budget variance reports, leasing activity reports comparing actual leasing activity to budget, description of the current market conditions in the property’s sub-market, aged delinquencies, litigation status if any, capital projects, etc.
  • Systems and Reporting
    OneTouch Management Services utilizes AppFolio and Quickbooks as its standard accounting systems. The Principal and/or Project Accountant perform a final review before the reports are distributed to the client.Our accounting personnel have extensive experience in the preparation of financial reports as well as the coordination of both internal and external audits. Preparation of audit workpapers by our accounting staff, coupled with a close working relationship with the audit teams, reduces audit time and expense. Cash management is a priority, with the utilization of lockbox accounts and various investment vehicles to maximize the client’s interest income.There are a number of reports available that are invaluable in the analysis of leasing statistics and trends at the property including:

    • Leasing Activity Report
    • Occupancy Report
    • Net Absorption Report
    • Consolidated Retention Schedule
    • Leasing Plan/Suite Analysis
    • Net Effective Rent Report
    • Lease Distribution Report
    • Average Remaining Lease Term Report

    In addition to its reporting and budgeting expertise, OneTouch is proficient in financial modeling of real estate assets using the our custom software package.

  • Budgeting and Reporting

    • On an annual basis, detailed property budgets are prepared by our analyst. Property management and leasing are intricately involved in this process. Revenues are budgeted on a suite-by-suite basis, and expenses are budgeted on a zero basis. Client approval of the budget is required before it is input into MRI.
    • Based on the client-dictated reporting schedule, monthly and/or quarterly reports are prepared. A sample of reporting options would include a balance sheet, statement of operations compared to budget, actual to budgeted results variance explanations, statement of cash flows, various leasing statistics schedules, etc. Our personnel, along with MRI and our other software packages, allows OneTouch to offer the client a multitude of reporting options.
    • OneTouch maintains and updates Argus model and valuation of the complex on behalf of the owner.
  • Objectives
    The construction management program has 5 basic objectives:

    1. Assist in a prospective tenant’s decision to elect to lease space at the project
    2. Deliver quality build out
    3. Complete the project on time
    4. Complete the project within budget
    5. Protect the structural components of the building.
  • Experience and Value
    OneTouch’s leasing, property manager and engineer have significant experience in the design and construction of tenant spaces. This experience allows a working knowledge of the cost of various construction components and relative value for tenant prospects. Our process in achieving these objectives requires systematic performance in the areas of:

    • Risk Management
    • Budgeting and Lease Support
    • Bid Process
    • Supervision
    • Punch List
    • Tenant Contribution
    • Tenant Relations
  • Daily Operations
    OneTouch is hands-on with the daily operations of all properties, giving top priority to providing partners with up-to-the-minute information through financial reports and personal communication. By serving as owner representative of all properties, OneTouch proactively manages all facets of cash flow, tenant relations, and day-to-day operations. Whether you are a partner or a tenant, you can be confident that you will receive superior property management services that are unparalleled in the market today because to us customer service is #1 priority.

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