Condominium Association Services

The management and upkeep of your condominiums requires a unique set of skills ­­ and not just by yourself and your community members. An experienced management team can lend its legal and real estate expertise to your community, and that is exactly what you’ll find with the condominium owners’ associations regulated by OneTouch Property Management.


Just as OneTouch Property Management offers comprehensive homeowners’ association services, we also have plans that will fit the needs of South Florida’s condo communities. Take a look at just a sampling of what we offer:
  • Administrative Services
  • Financial & Accounting Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Meetings
    OneTouch Property Management can help organize condo owners’ association meetings and work closely with board members as needed.
  • Record Keeping
    Budgets, membership dues, maintenance records, and other paperwork is all kept organized and maintained to help decrease response times for document requests and inquiries.
  • Communication
    The goal of any condo owners’ association is to provide owners with a space to discuss any community problems, financial issues, or other changes they would like to see. OneTouch Property Management ensures that negotiations and communications between residents and property owners are delivered promptly and courteously to benefit all sides.
  • Enforcement
    Condo communities need to have consistent and fair governing detailed in an association’s documents. We can help monitor violations by property owners and communicate with them until all matters are fully resolved.
  • Flexibility
    One of the best parts about using OneTouch Property Management for your condominium owners’ association is that you can choose which projects are handled by the COA and which ones our property managers handle for you. We work closely with the owners and elected community representatives to develop a customized plan for each of your properties.
  • Payments
    Residents will have access to convenient payment options, including mailing checks to the lockbox, paying online, or setting up an automatic debit from their checking accounts. OneTouch Property Management can also notify condo owners and the Board of any delinquency, as outlined in the association’s guidelines. If necessary, we can pursue delinquencies in tandem with association counsel. We can also manage accounts payable records with regard to vendor payments, including payment processing services.
  • Budgets
    Sticking to a budget can be difficult when you own property. With OneTouch Property Management, however, you won’t have to worry about the budgeting process. We will prepare a preliminary budget for the coming year and then incorporate any changes approved by the board. The association will then receive the final budget, including reserve schedules. Annual budgets can also include room for your association’s current employees, who can be placed into a single payroll and management system as needed.
  • Reports
    Just as you may not have the time to prepare a budget, OneTouch Property Management can also provide you with continual financial reports each month and at the end of each year. Our reports include profit and loss statements with budgeted vs. actual figures, cash disbursements, and delinquent receivables.
  • Audits
    Before your finances are submitted to state and federal agencies, OneTouch Property Management can put you into contact with an independent CPA firm. That firm will conduct an annual audit, review, or compilation of your association’s finances, so you’ll always know where you stand with regulatory bodies.
  • Landscaping
    Individual condo owners aren’t responsible for their unit’s landscaping. Instead, these tasks are typically left to landscapers hired by the condo owners’ association. Your property management team at OneTouch Property Management will make sure that your development stays beautiful for both current and prospective residents.
  • Community Aesthetic
    From architectural modifications and updates, which are instructed by the board or architectural community on your property, to the maintenance of the community’s common areas, OneTouch Property Management will keep you and your residents happy with their choice in remodelers and other vendors. We can also regularly inspect community spaces on the property to make sure that everything is in order, and hire or outsource vendors as necessary to help you maintain your property for the best price available.
  • Maintenance
    OneTouch Property Management offers a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure that all association equipment and property remains in excellent condition. Our work order system ensures the timely completion of a variety of maintenance tasks, including painting, pressure cleaning, irrigation repairs, carpet cleaning, and more.
  • Janitorial Services
    OneTouch Property Management also provides a janitorial service that will make sure that your community, including shared spaces, is kept to your exacting standards. Our staff members clean clubhouses, recreational areas, catwalks, interior hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and other common area facilities on a regular schedule, so your property always looks its best.

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